Honda HR-V vs Honda Vezel, which is better?
Honda HR-V vs Honda Vezel, which is better?

Honda HR-V vs Honda Vezel, which is better?

This is probably the common question behind every buyer who is looking at either the  Vezel or the HR-V. So, whats the difference between a Honda Vezel and a Honda HR-V?

Here’s a brief comparison to cover all these!

Both are pretty much the same.

Why? As we can see from the Honda Jazz vs Honda Fit, both are actually the same car but with a different name. Honda Fit is the name for the Japanese Domestic Market Model while the Honda Jazz is the name for the export market model (in SouthEast Asia) . Likewise, the Honda Vezel is the name for the Japanese Domestic Market model ( by the Parallel Importers)  and HR-V  is the name for the export market model ( by Kah Motors). Both are also made in Japan. What we can see from the design standpoint, they are the same. However, when we look further in the specifications of the sub variant, you can see some difference.

Before we go down to the difference, let us briefly introduce the concept of  HR-V/Vezel to you and the similar features.


The concept of the HR-V/Vezel 

The HR-V/Vezel was designed to include the benefits of an SUV, such as increased cargo room and higher visibility, along with the maneuverability, performance and fuel economy of a Sedan. It is based on Honda “Urban SUV Concept”. “Vezel” is coined from “bezel”, the oblique faces of a cut gem, with the “V” for “vehicle while” HR-V” stood for Hi-rider Revolutionary Vehicle.  Along with the low price point, it has become the Best Selling Car in Singapore for several years.

Both are using the 1.5 Litre I-VTEC Engine

Both are equipped with a 1.5-liter direct-injection DOHC i-VTEC inline-four engine coupled to a continuously variable transmission (CVT), producing 129 Horsepower and 155 Nm of Torque.  You can expect to achieve 15-16 km per litre fuel efficiency when driving in Singapore which is a pretty impressive figure.

What are the standard features? 

LED Headlights, Keyless Start, Keyless Entry, LED Day Running Lights, Electronic Brakes and Idling Start Stop Functions are the standard features for both models.

So what are the differences on the specifications?  

When we compare the HR-V DX model to the Vezel 1.5X, the immediate differences are the number of airbags and the option of Honda Sensing. We are getting 2 airbags for the HR-V DX and 8 airbags for the Vezel 1.5X.


How about the Honda Sensing Option? What is it? Is it available at both Vezel and HR-V? 

Honda Sensing is a collection of safety features . These features use cameras positioned around the vehicle and a radar system to help give the driver a complete view of the road. On top of that Honda Sensing will try to alert the driver when they are at risk of a collision, and correct steering and braking in dangerous driving conditions.

Features: Collision mitigation brake (CMBS). False start suppression function. Pedestrian accident reduction steering. Off-road departure suppression function .Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). Lane maintenance support system (LKAS). Leading vehicle start notification function. Sign recognition function

Currently, the Honda Sensing option is only available for the Honda Vezel at approximately $2,000 more.

Maybe you would want an unique version ? Custom Exterior? Custom Interior?   

Some of you may be thinking that the model may be too common on the road. What if i tell you now that you can actually have an unique styling for it that you can distinct yours with the others. But this is currently only available for the Vezel.

You can actually design your Vezel with Dual Tone Styling like the one above.  Doesnt it look so much better ? Also, you can add on a sporty front lip to make it look wider and sportier.



Why not consider the option of a different set of rims to give it a more aggressive look?


Or a beautiful set of leather interior?



Maybe give you and your passengers more entertainment with the 9 Inch Android Player?


After the detailed comparison , we can safely conclude that the Vezel is a more Value for Money choice. 

Though with a lower price point, you are getting a safer car with 8 airbags compared to the 2 airbags in the HR-V DX version.  Also, you are able to get all sort of customisation options for the Vezel.

We hope this article is able to help you in making a better decision in choosing between the two models.



If you are interested in getting a Custom Built Vezel, do check us out at our showroom located at 8 Ubi Road 2, Zervex #01-07/08, S408438.










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