Honda Vezel 2019 vs 2021 - We Have A Clear Winner!
Honda Vezel 2019 vs 2021 - We Have A Clear Winner!

Honda Vezel 2019 vs 2021 – We Have A Clear Winner!

Honda Japan had just set forth that the third generation of the Honda Vezel is on its way to make its grand entrance into the international market. The Honda HR-V 2021 goes by the name “Vezel” in Japan. The latest model has improved significantly in its appearance and the technology it packs. 


Its nameplate has become a familiar term for families and private-hire drivers here in Singapore. With the vast changes and adaptations made, Honda promises that its well-loved SUV maintains class-leading driving room, with enhanced comfort levels. In this article, we will be making an evaluation about which is the better car, between Honda Vezel 2019 and 2021. 

What Are the Main Differences? 

Exquisite changes have been made to the newer version to accommodate the customer’s needs. As seen from the latest exterior design, it currently has a much cleaner and leaner outlook, compared to earlier versions. The upwards side slash of the car had been substituted with a straight line that connects the head and tail lights. The most attractive features are the new WiFi hotspot, an app centre, instant map updates and a smartphone digital key function.

Changes In Rear Design 

The new model comes with a brand-new rear design. It has a sporty appeal with a much longer back. It is packaged with a suspended roofline, rear hatch glass and C-pillar, giving it a coupe-SUV look.

Changes To the Measurements and Specifications

It is rumoured that the specifications are 4450mm in length, 1780mm in width and 1600mm in height. The previous models are approximately 4330mm long, 1770mm wide, 1605mm in height and a wheelbase of 2,610mm. Therefore, Honda Vezel ‘21 is 120mm longer and 10mm wider than the older versions, while the total height is cut off by 5mm. The wheelbase has starkly increased by 20mm to 2,630mm, which aids Honda engineers to construct much more space for the interior of the cabin.

Stunning Interior Features for the 2021 Model 

The interior design adopts a classic minimalist aesthetic, as presented by the horizontal sweep of the instrument panel. Each element has been carefully positioned to contribute to the illusion of space. An air-diffusion system has been placed, creating a curtain of fresh air next to and above passengers, flowing from curated L-shaped vents, fixed at the top ends of the dashboard. Moreover, new connectivity features alongside the significant e:HEV hybrid technology have been included, to provide safety, security and convenience. A multitude of extra comfort assets has also been built in, such as a panoramic sunroof, hands-free tailgate and a wireless charging spot.

The 2021 Model Comes With E:HEV

The term E:HEV alludes to Honda’s latest growth in the spectrum of hybrid technology. It also refers to a variety of various electric and internal combustion engines, engineered to provide a pleasant driving experience. 

e:HEV utilises a variety of drive modes, mainly focusing on motor driving. In contrast with conventional hybrids, where the electric motor aids the engine, in e:HEV the engine emits electricity to assist the motor. Hence, the “e” in e:TECHNOLOGY – electric energy that uplifts people and puts a smile on their faces. This initiative aims to minimise energy consumption, in hopes to create a carbon-free future through improved usage of natural resources and by coming up with new methods of distributing energy. 


In a nutshell, many revisions and changes have been made to the latest version of the Honda Vezel, as seen in the fresh outlook of both the interior and exterior of the car. With the integrated powertrain technology and layout of the centre tank, the brand new HR-V retains the versatile Magic Seats that provide dual fold-flat or flip-up seat flexibility, accommodating the cargo space needed. 

It can be concluded that the 2021 Vezel is a much a better choice as compared to the previous one. We are looking forward to this car as we predict it to be a hot-seller, considering its attractive features and benefits our customers would love. Not to mention, here at Carle, we are offering car personalisation with an abundance of options (ie. colours, rims, leather colours) and much more, which cannot be found elsewhere.

We hope this article has provided you with useful information and brief insights about the brand new Honda Vezel 2021. 


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